What Our Patients Are Saying

I think the fact that this business has zero reviews really speaks volumes about the enormous stigma surrounding mental health, and it's a real shame because I would recommend the professionals at Advantage Mental Health to anyone who needs help with anxiety, depression, addiction, or anything remotely related.

I first came to this office in May 2015 in a very, very bad way. I don't think I need to explain further about the state of mind I was in. I saw Dr. Obregon and after taking my personal and medical history he provided me with a diagnosis and started me on medication, all the while reassuring me that what I was going through was highly treatable and that I would be ok.

Shortly after I switched to Lisa Ramos because of her more flexible availability; she is a psychiatric nurse (who in my opinion is just as knowledgeable as the doctors) and she's fantastic. She truly cares about you, wants you to get well, and is 100% dedicated and determined to get you on the right track. It took some trial and error but I've been on a combination of medication for several months that has truly transformed my life thanks to her knowledge.

I've also spoken to Dr. Hervey over the phone (very helpful and reassuring) as well as Carrie Lynn, a nurse on staff who can answer any medical questions if your doctor is unavailable. David and Nikki man the front desk and both are delightful. They always offer water and coffee and snacks and make you feel welcome and comfortable.

I felt safe, heard, and valued with everyone I encountered in this office. They truly saved my life and I recommend them with my whole heart. If you're struggling, reach out and ask for help. It's out there, you just have to take the first step.

We couldn't be more pleased with the care that Dr. Obregon is providing our son. As a parent you only want the best for your kids, and we found it with Dr. Obregon.

Dr. Obregon was very caring and helped me a lot. I was nervous about the appointment but he put me at ease and I feel much better on the medication he prescribed. He’s much better than the doctor I was seeing before. I highly recommend him.

At first I was unsure about trying Suboxone. I didn’t want to substitute one addiction for another. Dr. Robben explained how Suboxone works and how it doesn’t have to be permanent. Instead of waking up and focusing on how I’m going to get drugs, I can focus on my life. It has been such a relief. Everything in my life is better now that I don’t have that huge, awful distraction. Thank you Dr. Robben for being so caring and knowledgeable. I feel confident under your care.

I found Advantage Mental Health online and at first was unsure about seeing an ARNP and booking with a place I found online since my issues were very personal in nature.  But Ms. Ramos was awesome.  As knowledgeable as any MD I’ve ever been to and she gave me medication that is helping me.  The staff is friendly and non-judgmental and the offices are very nice.

Depression has made my life pretty miserable for a long time – I had no energy, didn’t sleep well, couldn’t concentrate and just didn’t enjoy doing things.  Dr. Robben has really helped me start to feel like me again.  I wish I hadn’t waited so long to seek help.  I highly recommend Dr. Robben!

I’ve struggled with mental health issues all my life and been to many different doctors.  I was impressed by Ms. Ramos’s compassion and her medical expertise.  She’s on time, gives you plenty of time to express yourself, and prescribed a medication regime that is working out really well for me.  I highly recommend her!

Ms. Ramos helped my son with his alcohol addiction and we are so thankful for her help. She is very knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do. It is a relief being with a professional who is so competent and caring.

Dr. Obregon is great. I feel completely confident in his judgment and he is extremely knowledge. Both of my appointments so far have been EXTREMELY helpful. He makes sure you are comfortable with whatever the situation is and is very easy to talk to - wish I wouldn't have waited so long to go in!

I’ve had issues with alcohol, depression and anxiety for years. I finally decided to seek treatment and it has made such a difference in my life. I’m starting to rebuild my life and relationships. Without Dr. Robben’s patience and medication regime I don’t know what I would have done.

I enjoyed speaking with Dr. Hervey. He has helped me a lot. Very understanding, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Office staff is always friendly. Very easy to talk to! Dr. Hervey Rocks!

I didn’t know where to turn and called Advantage Mental Health. They gave me an appointment right away and Ms. Ramos was fabulous. She really listened to my problems and didn’t just whip out her prescription pad. She took the time to figure out was what really going on in my life and with my depression and anxiety. The medication she prescribed has helped immensely and I feel like my old self again.

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